Photo taken by me 09-02-22

As a dedicated game designer, I am driven by a deep love for crafting unforgettable, tightly-made experiences that immerse players.

Jumping from platform to platform was one of my greatest joys growing up, from Spyro the Dragon to Megaman II. From an early age, I have studied these experiences for what makes them so special to me. I applied what I learned to any game that I could sandbox in—Minecraft, Roblox, and even pre-Super Mario Maker level editors. With the ability to polish the experience thanks to these simple tools, I know that it's the inner workings of these games which people don't notice that make them so enjoyable.

In the future, I will apply myself to furthering the medium and create experiences that others will revel in; To continue pushing the boundaries of game design and inspire the next generation of game developers to create truly unforgettable experiences.





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